Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How did I go a MONTH without blogging?

I'm not really sure, but here are some updates...

1. I have not been running. I feel really terrible that I have not been keeping up with it at all. I last ended on Week 2 Day 2, tomorrow I will run again, not sure if I should start all over or not...

2. Ten Pan... Here some things I have finished. Yay! There are more products that are nearly finished (I'll post 'em when their done) I have made some "purchases" but only necessary ones i.e. face wash when I had none and I got some mascara with a gift card I recieved for my birthday.

In other news, I'm still waiting to hear if I'm accepted into the MLT program, I should know by May 15th, and the Hallmark Institute of Photography has been blowing up my phone, but I really don't think I want to go to school there. There's more stuff going on but it's late, I picked up an extra shift today and i'm tireeeeed. G'night friends.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ten Pan!

Mmmmmkay. I am taking a break from rearranging bathroom stuff to tell you that I am going on a "ten pan". What the hell is that you ask? Well my friends, I AM NOT GOING TO BUY ANOTHER BATH, BODY, OR MAKEUP PRODUCT UNTIL I HAVE USED UP TEN PRODUCTS THAT I ALREADY HAVE. I will get a video up soon of what those ten products will be!

Monday, March 15, 2010

I haven't blogged in a few days. Actually I tried uploading a video, but my internet connection is less than desirable, I got frustrated, and gave up. After that, I have been busy with work, and running around. Here is the video from W1D2. Sorry, but no video for W1D3. I just didn't have time.

I took a little trip to the mall to get my new cell phone covered:

I also stopped in Anthropologie. I had forgotten how much I love that store!
I fell in love with some of the aprons there. I am going to start collecting fabrics to try and make my own! I even snapped a few pictures of things I really liked. :)

The workers must have thought that I was crazy, but there had these recycled, self-watering containers made from plastic water bottles that I examined pretty closely. I had read the diy somewhere online, and am now wanting to try it out myself. I don't know how I got away without a pic of those lil guys.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I really wish I would have taken my camera snowboarding.

I love Chase Jarvis. He is like my hero. If I ever met him in person, I would probably lick his face or something-jk (maybe). Anyway, taking a look at this video reminded me of some shots I got in Park City, UT last summer. Ch ch check it out. My favorite is posted below.

Here is my shot-

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ok, so I can't figure out my new phone...

but when I do, I will replace this vlog with the footage of my first run!

For my friends that are doing the c25k with me, and need a little motivation:

Monday, March 8, 2010

Couch to 5k!

I have been thinking about what to start out on for a while. Because this is supposed to be where I share my thoughts, ideas, opinions, and such, I'll start out with what I'm excited about today. Running. For those of you who know me, you know that I suck at running. Seriously, I can look like a boneless chicken flailing about for about 2 minutes and then I'm spent.

My New Year's resolution was to run a 7 minute mile, but I'm gonna take it a step further and follow the Couch to 5k program. I'm hoping to get to do some marathons this spring/ summer!

I stopped by Runner's Roost today and picked up these puppies...

Pretty sweet, I know. The guy that helped me out was really nice. He analyzed my run. Apparently one of my legs lands differently than the other? Anyway he knew who Michael Buble was so that scored some bonus points with me.

The shoes are from a company in Boulder- Pearl Izumi. ( I like to buy locally when I can. They have a pretty cool marketing campaign with funny videos.

I have downloaded some podcasts from to run to. I'm kind of embarrassed to say but this is my first podcast! Eeeeee! I'm counting on you all to keep me as motivated as I am now.

Watch for more blog entries soon, I'll let you know how the running program goes as well as other projects I'm working on. There are always about a zillion of them, and I sort of lose sight of them. Hopefully this little bloggety blog will help me to organize myself.